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  • City Narratives Week

    City Narratives

    Topic: The city in the words of its occupants. Methods and issues in interview-based urban research. Marginal occupants and stories of displacement.

  • Data Week

    The City as Data

    Topic: The survey and the map. A proposed definition of the modern city: a city whose people are known to authorities through social statistics.

  • Pandemic Oral Histories

    Pandemic Oral Histories

    In March 2020, halfway through the semester at Georgetown, we found ourselves in the midst of an event of world-historical significance. Four members of the class decided to interview people in the cities they were studying to create these records of the pandemic from the local and individual perspective.

  • Tehran

    Tehran: An Introduction

    Tehran began as a small town of little importance in Central Asia, but has eventually become one of most populous and significant metropolises in the region.

  • Osaka

    Osaka: An Introduction

    Osaka is Japan’s second largest metropolitan area and is known for its modern architecture, flourishing nightlife, and successful commercial and trade districts.

  • Johannesburg

    Johannesburg: An Introduction

    The city we now know today to be Johannesburg was established relatively recently, however humans have been in the area for much longer.

  • Dubai

    Dubai: An Introduction

    Dubai is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and the most populous city in the UAE.

  • Paris

    Paris: An Introduction

    Paris is an old city with relatively new bones. The area was inhabited since before the common era by the Parisii Tribe who used the Ile de la Cite as a trading place.

  • Kyoto

    Kyoto: An Introduction

    Often the largest, richest city in a country is not the same as its oldest, most cultured city, which sometimes doubles as the capital city.

  • Cairo

    Cairo: An Introduction

    Cairo, as the capital of Egypt, typically conjures images of crowded streets set against the epic backdrop of the Pyramids at Giza.