By Rig Freyr.

Tokyo is the capital of and largest city in Japan—it is also by some measures the most populous city in the world and boasts the world’s largest urban economy. Built in the seventeenth century as Edo, the castle town of the Tokugawa shogunate, Tokyo is located on Tokyo Bay on the Pacific side of Japan’s main island of Honshū. It has plentiful rains and hot, humid summers.

  • Tokyo

    Tokyo: An Introduction

    Tokyo is simultaneously the capital of Japan, the most populous city in Japan, and the biggest tourist destination in Japan.

  • Data Week

    Tokyo: The Koseki System

    How did the koseki system develop across Japanese history, and what types of discrimination has it contributed to in modern Japanese society?

  • Food

    Provisioning Tokyo

    How has food been provided to the residents of Edo-Tokyo and from where? Are there any distinctive features of Tokyo’s local economy and diet that have defined the city’s food provisioning system throughout history?

  • Natural Disaster and Disease Week

    Disaster in Tokyo

    How was the city of Edo affected by the 1855 Great Ansei Earthquake? What measures were taken in response to the disaster, and what side effects did those measures have?

  • Resources

    Tokyo Resources

    Bibliography for the city of Tokyo.