By Aaron Wolf.

Tehran is the capital and most populous city in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The settlement of Tehran’s immediate area dates back well into ancient times. In the Classical era, Rhages, which eventually became Tehran’s 20th municipal district, was a key city in the Median Dynasty. In more recent centuries, Tehran was chosen as the capital of Persia in 1786 during the Qajar dynasty. The city is located in north-central Iran at the foothills of the Elborz mountain range, 697 kilometers from the Caspian Sea, with a semi-arid climate.

  • Tehran

    Tehran: An Introduction

    Tehran began as a small town of little importance in Central Asia, but has eventually become one of most populous and significant metropolises in the region.

  • Social Body Week

    Tehran: The City as Social Body

    Where are the key public spaces in Tehran? How have people used them? How are they restricted?

  • Squatter Cities and Megacities Week

    Tehran: Squatter City, Megacity

    Where do the poorest residents live in Tehran? How did they get there? Are there or were there in the past districts of housing built by the occupants themselves?

  • War Week

    War in Tehran

    How has war affected the history of Tehran? Are its marks visible?

  • Resources

    Tehran Resources

    Bibliography for the city of Tehran.