By Luan Tian.

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and its metropolitan area sprawls the coastline of Port Phillip Bay and extends inland. Located in southeast Australia, Melbourne enjoys temperate oceanic climate. Its geographic location has been home to the Kulin nation of indigenous Australians since 40,000 years prior to European settlement. Today, it is an important business hub in the southern hemisphere, as well as home to many Australian landmarks, sporting events, and cultural sites.

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    Melbourne: An Introduction

    by Luan Tian I spent my formative years growing up in Melbourne, so the city serves as a comparative benchmark by which I evaluate the range of my urban encounters.…

  • War Week

    Melbourne and War

    How has Australia’s involvement in major international wars impacted Melbourne, its demographic composition, and urban spaces?

  • Tourism and Urban Branding

    Tourism and Urban Branding in Melbourne

    What were the structural and historical causes that initially encouraged the growth of tourism in Melbourne and how have they continued shaping the city’s development?

  • Food

    Provisioning Melbourne

    In what ways is food supplied locally to metropolitan Melbourne and its residents? What were the historical origins of agricultural production in Melbourne’s hinterlands?

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    Melbourne Resources

    Bibliography for the city of Melbourne.