By Jane Hutton.

Founded as a mining town in 1886, Johannesburg is now South Africa’s largest and most populous city. This global city, informally known as Joburg, lies on the Highveld plateau and has a subtropical highland climate. The area is considered to be one of the Cradles of Humankind, boasting rich fossil evidence of early humans.

  • Johannesburg

    Johannesburg: An Introduction

    The city we now know today to be Johannesburg was established relatively recently, however humans have been in the area for much longer.

  • City Narratives Week

    Johannesburg City Narrative

    How does Trevor Noah’s memoir Born a Crime depict life in Johannesburg during the immediate aftermath of apartheid, the process of democratization, and the early years of democracy? What do we learn from Noah’s experiences that we wouldn’t be able to get from other sources?

  • Data Week

    Johannesburg: The City as Data

    Historically, what role did health surveys play in developing government policy for HIV/AIDS response in Johannesburg? Today, how is health data impacting the response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Squatter Cities and Megacities Week

    Johannesburg: Squatter City, Megacity

    Where do the poorest residents live in Johannesburg? How did they get there?

  • Resources

    Johannesburg Resources

    Bibliography for the city of Johannesburg.