By Rosalie Lovy.

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, as well as the largest city in Egypt. Cairo sits on the Nile in the southern portion of the country and generally includes the 1709 sq. km. area of the Greater Cairo Area as well as the area of downtown metropolitan Cairo. Cairo has a hot desert climate and lies on a floodplain, now controlled with dams.

  • Cairo

    Cairo: An Introduction

    Cairo, as the capital of Egypt, typically conjures images of crowded streets set against the epic backdrop of the Pyramids at Giza.

  • Tourism and Urban Branding

    Tourism in Cairo

    Why are tourists drawn to Cairo? What do they see when they go and what are they directed to see by the industry?

  • Real Estate Week

    Cairo: City as Real Estate

    How does real estate development vary over the large area of the GCR (Greater Cairo Region?) How does tourism influence real estate markets?

  • Waste

    Waste in Cairo

    What are the pros and cons of public waste management (vs privatized)? What are the different elements of the waste management industry? In Cairo, how has modern growth changed waste infrastructure?

  • Resources

    Cairo Resources

    Bibliography for the city of Cairo.